C2 Solutions Group, Inc.   A Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Company

Executive and Senior Administrative Assistants

Pentagon, Arlington, VA and Mark Center, Alexandria, VA


Position Responsibilities

A.   Office Supply Management

  • Monitor stock levels of a variety of office supplies and initiate restocking activities
  • Prepare, consolidate, and submit for purchase, as appropriate, specific supplies requested by ODCMO staff

B.   Document/Correspondence Management

  • Independently administer automated tracking system(s) data input and administration including but not limited to:
  • Written and email correspondence
  • Administrative tasks
  • Congressional correspondence
  • Security process administration
  • Program-related documents


  • Ensure mail, correspondence actions, requests for information, and assignments are complete, accurate, and on schedule.
  • Maintain electronic and paper files as required by ODCMO Directorate Head and /or appropriate managers, ODCMO procedures or DoD procedures.
  • Copy and/or reproduce documents from physical or electronic media.
  • Prepare and type correspondence, prepare reports, and capture meeting minutes.
  • Create, develop, draft, prepare, revise, edit simple, standard correspondence and work documents (e.g., Action and Information Memoranda).
  • Originate, develop, draft, prepare, revise edit standard, general administrative office desk guides, procedures and policy for dissemination to ODCMO employees.
  • Originate, develop, draft, prepare, revise and edit reports, articles, presentation materials and other documents through the use of outlines, drafts and resource material. Prepare office briefing materials for functions and conferences. Write, edit and assist in reviewing publicity-related materials including: news releases, public service announcements, reports.
  • Provide legislative operational support by writing, reviewing, and editing legislative related material (e.g., Questions for the Record / Information for the Record, legislative proposals, congressional reports and appeals, testimony, DoD view letters, congressional correspondence and other requests for information).
  • Support the maintenance of ODCMO Records Management programs.

C.   Clerical & Executive Support

  • Answer telephone calls to include referring callers’ technical requests for information to appropriate staff and/or taking and delivering messages to staff members who are unavailable.
  • Answer procedural questions based on knowledge of ODCMO operations and program activities.
  • Schedule and coordinate meetings.
  • Schedule and track travel and training for ODCMO personnel.
  • Greet, receive and escort ODCMO visitors within the Pentagon / Mark Center.
  • Maintain business schedules and calendars for Senior ODCMO Officials.
  • Maintain records of leave, travel, training and other organizational activities for ODCMO personnel
  • Administer and track office e-travel requirements, to include inputting into the Defense Travel System (DTS).

D.   General Office Management:

  • Ensure ODCMO office equipment remains functional and make notices for inoperable equipment with repair follow up coordination.
  • Assist with planning and coordinating inter-office moves within ODCMO spaces, both in the Pentagon and Mark Center.
  • Assist in maintaining database(s) and related applications to store, manage and retrieve information internal to ODCMO. An example may include, but not limited to, an emergency recall roster, status of compliance initiatives, security clearances and personnel actions.
  • Develop supporting written materials for annual reports, fact sheets, talking points, key messages, newsletters and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Create briefings and graphical material such as MS PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentations
  • Assist with writing and editing material for reports, speeches, briefs, and guidebooks.
  • Organize material and complete writing assignments with order, clarity, style, and consistent terminology. Edit, standardize, and recommend changes to material prepared by other writers
  • Maintain a database ledger of ODCMO stakeholders, contact information, and key issues.
  • Coordinate activities for special events, draft plans to conduct the ceremony or event, and support the execution of the ceremony or event.
  • Provide administrative and audio-visual support for the ODCMO sponsored meetings, dignitary meetings, and other organizational conferences. Develop protocols, prepare conference materials, invitations, maps, agendas, abstract/manuscripts, facility planning, and compiling summary reports.
  • Assist in providing DoD compliant, prompt, well-coordinated, consistent and factual information to inquiries received, to include legislative inquiries and reports.


Position Requirements

  • Secret Clearance
  • Executive Administrative Assistant - BS Degree and 7 years of relevant experience
  • Senior Administrative Assistant - AS Degree and 8 years of relevant experience


C2 is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.